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RagdollFL Testimonials

What our clients have to say about the RagdollFL

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Karen Lindsey

I purchased a kitten from this breeder in March of 2022. He has turned out to be the absolute best cat! He follows me everywhere and sleeps on my pillow every night. He has a wonderful personality and loves people. I believe this is because he was well socialized and loved by the breeder before I even brought him home. After I purchased "Frankie", I knew I would be buying a second cat from this breeder...and here it is only two years later and next month I will be picking up my second kitten. If you are looking for a superior ragdoll kitten....look no further! You will not be disappointed because these kittens are being raised in a loving environment.

Very happy cat owner


Christin N

Amazing!! So wonderful we came back! A year ago we purchased our first ragdoll after hearing such amazing things about the bread. Such a wonderful loving family, these are there babies and you can tell how much they are loved. Our first boy Olaf we all instantly fell in love as did everyone who meet him. A year later we added Sven an equally amazing and absolutely adorable baby to the mix. We couldn’t be happier with our babies and am so thankful to the breeder for a newest and cutiest members!


Hannah Walters

When my wife and I decided to purchase a ragdoll kitten we weren’t really sure where to go. We did our research and came across We checked out their Instagram and saw so many beautiful kittens. Our timing was good as they had two kittens still available. So we moved forward with them and waited until our kitten was 12 weeks old. We visited our kitten at their home one week prior to picking him up. Igor and his family are wonderful people. It was immediately apparent that all of these kittens are raised with love, kindness and caring. We met Kyoto and he was so cute! We came back the following week to pick him up. They provided all of the paperwork and he was a purebred playful, healthy kitty. He’s almost a year old now and We are so happy with our decision to get a ragdoll cat and to have purchased him from this lovely family. If you’re considering getting a ragdoll, first off, I would say these cats are the best, cutest, and lovable pets you could ever want. And is the only breeder we would consider if we decide to get Kyoto a sibling.


Chavchav Pham

What a great experience! We got Auggie in September 2023 and he has been such a joyous addition to our family. He is so sweet and affectionate, while also being incredibly curious and funny! He is full of personality and is so well socialized! It is obvious he came from a home that loves cats, and he is great with people including children!


Jamie Hall

We became parents to Effie in March 2023 and she is the light in our life. The breeder goes above and beyond to make sure the cats are happy and healthy. The faculty goes above and beyond to make sure they are social, I was reallly impressed with all the love they have for these cats and kittens. Very kind, professional and loving. Our little Effie has the perfect personality, she absolutely loves life, she is a dream. I definitely would recommend if you’re wanting to add a sweet addition to your family.


Casey Grozier

I recently purchased a Female Ragdoll kitten from RagdollsFL, and she has been an absolute joy! They provided a loving and well-cared-for environment, the kitten is beautiful and incredibly sweet-natured. The communication was excellent, providing updates and insights into the kitten’s development. The breeder clearly prioritizes the health and socialization of their cats. She is incredibly cuddly and playful. I appreciate the breeder’s professionalism and commitment to the well-being of their animals. I highly recommend them to anyone considering adding another companion to their family!

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