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Kittens Contract & Health Guarantee

Before bringing your new kitten home, we have a kitten contract to be agreed upon and signed.

The contract describes the rights and responsibilities of both the cattery and the new owner.


We believe our contract has one of the best health guarantees you will find. We’re one of the few catteries with extensive health testing performed on our cats. We also guarantee our cats against serious congenital disease and defects.

What’s in our Health Guarantee?

First of all, the term «health guarantee» isn’t quite proper. Nobody can guarantee that anything living won’t get sick, whether cats, dogs, or even humans. So think of it as a health warranty. You’re spending time locating a beautiful pedigree Ragdoll cat, and you’ll invest time, care, money, and love in your new companion. You deserve a reasonable degree or protection!

At FloridaFL Cattery, our health guarantee consists of:

1. Our health guarantee protects you from receiving a sick kitten. If your veterinarian determines that the kitten has serious illness, you may return the kitten and we will provide you with a replacement kitten from upcoming litters.


  • we require an original written statement from your veterinarian.

  • we won’t reimburse for veterinary fees.

  • kitten shipping fees are not refundable.


2. Our health guarantee protects you over the long term from genetic defects and congenital diseases. If your kitten or cat is diagnosed with a serious genetic defect or congenital disease before 1 years of age, we will provide you with a replacement kitten.

Examples of conditions that would entitle you to a replacement kitten include life-threatening heart conditions and degenerative nerve disorders. In other words, conditions that effect longevity or quality of life.


Examples of conditions that wouldn’t qualify for replacement are innocent heart murmurs or allergies. In other words, conditions that an otherwise healthy cat can live with and be happy.

In general, we would accept a veterinarian’s opinion of what constitutes a serious defect, but we may require a second opinion (which would be obtained at our expense).

If you can't take care of the cat/kitten for some reasons after pickup, we will gladly take it back and find it another home, but absolutely no refunds after pick up date if you change your mind, or if you cant take care of kitten for any reasons.

Your RagdollsFL kitten will be ready to go home from 12 weeks of age to go to their new forever homes. All kittens will go home with TICA or CFA registration papers, Age Appropriate Vaccinations and a health guarantee...


Waiting List Deposits:


$300 non-refundable deposit is required to be placed on the waiting list.


Waiting list deposits are Non-Refundable but transferable to another kitten/cat available or toward a kitten in an upcoming litter...

When your kitten is ready to go to new home the kitten must be picked up in person so there is a face-to-face transaction or the new owner must meet with us or our shipping agent at the agreed location...

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Picking Up Kittens
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